Birth Photography – my aspiration

January 16, 2019

I wanted to tell you about a little aspiration I have for 2019. I desperately want to photograph the birth of a mini human or a fresh 48 session. Birth photography would entail me being present at the birth, while a fresh 48 means I would do the session at the hospital (or home) within the first 48 hours of babies arrival (lifestyle).

The birth of my girls has been my greatest inspiration and motivation behind starting my business. Capturing fleeting moments as they grow and change. My biggest regret has been not capturing those early days when they were born, and even more so for not allowing myself to be included in the few photos I did take on my phone.

However, I did manage to photograph the arrival of my youngest daughter. I was pregnant while at college and one of the modules asked us to document an event. Most students looked for protests and gigs in Glasgow; myself on the other hand, had a brain spasm and thought that birth photography, more namely photographing the birth of my third child would be the ticket.

With gas and air in one hand and my camera in the other, I managed to photograph her arrival.

Looking back, would you have liked to have documented those first 48 hours? I know the haze of exhaustion and drugs can cause the birth experience to be a dizzying memory; you forget the moments between yourself and your birth partner, the connection you may have had with your midwife, the expression on your face as the wave of relief washes over you as baby is placed in your arms.

You are told by your midwife to leave your dignity at the door, embrace that. Those booking a fresh 48 session in 2019 will have their session fee for a newborn session waived. Do it!



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