Dunure Castle Adventure- Barker Clan

February 19, 2019

The Barker family were everything I could have asked for in an Adventure session at Dunure Castle. Aside Harriet’s incredible curly red hair, the love and laughter that echoed through the rocky cliffs was nothing short of vibrant.

The Barker family do rather enjoy the outdoors so I figured I’d have my work cut out as the kids ran in different directions, thankfully that wasn’t the case. Instead the kids took us on a brilliant adventure as we explored Dunure Castle and the surrounding beach. One cheeky monkey even decided that her new suede boots needed to be christened by the waves.

For this family of three, this adventure session was so much more than just taking photographs with the kids; it was a new start for them. It was new photographs to put on the walls and to laden grans mantlepiece with. The backdrop of Dunure Castle was as monumental as the task at hand of navigating the path of single parenthood. These photographs were their fresh start and even more importantly, a chance to document the trio in this exact moment in time.

As a single parent myself, and even more so as a mother, it wasn’t until I was separated that I realised how many photographs I wasn’t in. I was always behind the lens. I wasn’t keen on hanging photographs of my girls father around the house; so taking time to have someone photograph us as a new family dynamic was really important in starting fresh.

One thing I’ve learnt as I progress through my family outdoor sessions, is that it’s so important that my clients take the lead on their family adventure. I’ve purposely named these sessions ‘Adventures’ rather than outdoor sessions. I want my clients to experience more candid moments rather than being posed and feeling awkward.

Don’t get me wrong, I still may request that you whisper sweet nothings in your partners ear, or ask you to squeeze your children till they burst; but you’ll never be asked to sit and stare into my lens.

Let’s make memories. Message me to start your own family adventure



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