Troon Beach Adventure- Morrison Clan

March 13, 2019

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing the Morrison clan for their family Troon Beach Adventure. They were the winners of my family session giveaway to celebrate the first birthday of Tink&Lulu Photography. This beautiful little family enjoyed building sand castles, playing and digging holes as I snapped away.

Scotland’s chilly morning really kept us on our toes as we chased the youngest member of the Morrison family across Troon Beach. Mum and dad had warned me that they had a mermaid baby and she’d do anything to get into the water. They weren’t wrong and she promptly ran (at speed) towards the wild waves.

Fingers chilled to the bone and red, cheeks flushed pink and salt water creeping into dad’s non beach friendly trainers, Troon Beach had done her best. We captured some beautifully candid moments as the family built sand castles, dug holes and searched for broken seashells.
Safely back in the car and with dad carefully removing his soggy shoes, the family all laughed and thanked me for the wonderful time they had. Mum did admit she had been a bit hesitate about being involved in the photographs but she had genuinely loved every minute.
I can only hope these images are ones they’ll treasure forever and look back on fondly as their baby girl grows.

If you’re looking for your own family adventure session, send me a message or check out our facebook page for more example of family adventures.



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