Quarantine Portraits- Lockdown 1.0 2020

April 20, 2020

Beginning to lose my mind and needing to find purpose amidst the ongoing chaos that is the covid-19 pandemic, I decided I needed a project. I love my children dearly but the prospect of photographing them was nearly too daunting as they generally just pulled faces and rolled their eyes. I needed humans that didn’t strongly dislike me. PING! Quarantine Portraits was born.

The birth…

I had printed photographs that I had to deliver to clients, I saw a window of opportunity. I created a little cardboard sign with the words “I’m here to take your quarantine portrait, come to the window”. They all initially looked at me (through their windows) like I was daft and had six eyes. The results of me yelling “come closer to the window”, created these true to life portraits of the strange circumstances we all find ourselves in.

A reason to smile…

Over the course of the last 4 weeks, I have visited and captured over 100 families for their quarantine portraits. So many variations of expressions, moods and family dynamics. I’d like to think of my project as providing a service; a reason to smile. A little piece of evidence of a world in lockdown; something to look back on and remember. For so many children, they’ll never remember the year of chaos that was 2020, but these images are proof they were there and they lived to tell the tale.

We decided to help…

Many of the incredible humans photographed, offered to pay for their image. I saw this as my project and just a group of very willing participants, I couldn’t take their money and make something off the world’s suffering. As these images seemed to be appreciated by so many, I decided that I’d request donations for Scottish Women’s Aid. That way there was no set price, and everyone was able to contribute what they could considering the circumstances of so many.

I can only hope you’re all keeping well and are safe and healthy. We can do this. We can get through this. Please remember there are no expectations of what you should be making of your quarantine. You’re allowed to be a blob, a fitness bunny, a master chef, a couch potato, a Lego creator, a house clean queen; you’re even allowed to leave the clean washing in an unfolded pile at the foot of your bed for the full duration. You do you.

I genuinely can’t wait to get back to it all when all of this is over. See you on the other side. Stay safe

Samantha x



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