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a family smiles and looks through the window

Beginning to lose my mind and needing to find purpose amidst the ongoing chaos that is the covid-19 pandemic, I decided I needed a project. I love my children dearly but the prospect of photographing them was nearly too daunting as they generally just pulled faces and rolled their eyes. I needed humans that didn’t […]

a close up image of an umbilical cord being cut

I wanted to tell you about a little aspiration I have for 2019. I desperately want to photograph the birth of a mini human or a fresh 48 session. Birth photography would entail me being present at the birth, while a fresh 48 means I would do the session at the hospital (or home) within […]

a baby nestled in a carrier with a camera close by

This post isn’t going to include nicely curated and edited images. This post is my introduction about the human behind the lens. So instead, the images contained in this post may cause your eyes to burn from pure humiliation on my part. I was born in Melbourne, Australia where I evacuated my mothers womb 4 […]